Okay, not extreme road tripping but on a hell of a long journey for us at any rate 🙂

For the September/October school holidays, we’ve decided to mission with the kids to PE.  The last time all four of us were there, Riley was around 6months old and Ethan 3.5years old.  BOTH kids were sick, we shared a room with them both and were even in the ER on a public holiday!  Those were the days when we would holiday and without fail, while on holiday, the kids would get sick…and not just regular flu sick, but like bronchitis sick!!!

Years later, we’ve finally been able to holiday without kids falling apart (touch wood) and with them being older and their cousins being older too, I’m really looking forward to this trip.

Today I booked our accommodation on the road as we’re splitting the journey in half.  The distance from Jo’burg to PE is +/- 1,000km, and where we would have easily done that drive in one day “pre-kids”, I really don’t want to subject the kids to a 11hour+ drive.  The last time we went to PE, we flew, but flights are just so expensive!!  I’ve been holding on for a while for specials, but nothing has come up that is even close to the cost of driving.  So drive we will!

At least we have something exciting to look forward to, and the kids are super chuffed that we’ll be going away for their next school holiday 🙂 🙂 🙂


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  1. halberts2014 says:

    It is a looooong drive indeed. Drive safe.
    PS, It is guaranteed that during any school holiday you will spend at least 1 day in the ER, LOL

    • Jodie says:

      We’ve actually been very fortunate! It was the first and only time (touch wood)…we’ve been at the doctor on numerous occassions but not in the ER.

      • halberts2014 says:

        We usually get it in the December holidays. Liam had a febrile seizure when he was about 18 months old so if I can’t get his temp down I have no qualms about going to the ER.
        But our latest stint in ER was this passed March holidays for vomiting and upset tummy
        Anyway……..look at me blogging on your blog. Always so much to say.
        Enjoy the trip. Take plenty of breaks. Are you stopping overnight halfway?

      • Jodie says:

        Yup 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. debraaukett says:

    Ooh exciting! Yes for sure, I won’t attempt the trip with kiddos in one go either, although hubby and I did it 4 – 5 times a year (with only our cat as a passenger) while we still lived in Pretoria to come visit our parents and family. Pity flights are so expensive…

  3. MamaCat says:

    We did it 14 hours into the Eastern Cape from Pretoria. I must say HB is one of those kids who especially good in the car. We only have one, and I plan to do it again. We waited until he was old enough to use the car seatbelt. The three point belt that sits between the legs might get very uncomfortable. Last year it took 14 hours for me to drive Pta to Durban alone . HB was sick, but we survived. HB is very good in the car, and I often drive to Durban with just the two of us. Airfare is nuts. I have been trying to get a good deal to East London… Nothing yet.

    • Jodie says:

      You are very brave! I wouldn’t even drive to Durban alone with my two…I just worry that something goes wrong then I’m alone with my kids on the side of the road.

      • MamaCat says:

        I know what you mean, but the road to Durban is very good and there are stops quite close and you see the police and n3 service vehicles. I feel safe. I think you just need to prep for the trip… Snacks, music, games, paper and crayons, seatbelt pillows and movies if you don’t mind movies in the car. It will be fun.

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