Yes, this running thing again!

With less than two weeks to go until my first 21km race, I’m just a tad bit nervous.  But I ran 17.67km all by myself on Saturday…the furthest I’m going to get before then…and while I ran FOR 2HOURS 45MINUTES, I had loads of time to just think 🙂 🙂 🙂  I should actually run with a dictaphone or something to that effect…then I can dictate all of my thoughts and replay them afterwards ‘cos the mind does wonder a.lot when all you have is the open road and the sound of passing cars!!!  Anyway, I digress.  So here’s some thing I’ve learnt along my journey;-

  • Running is a hell of a mental thing!…within reason of course.  I mean, you can’t very well make yourself think you can run the comrades and then run it with zero training under your belt.  Okay, maybe you can, but I don’t think your body will manage.  Anyway, not even 6months ago, I wasn’t even able to walk a short distance of 2km without being out of breathe, and well, here I am…17kms and going strong 🙂  Fortunately I’ve had lots of other runners encouraging me and giving me advise, but I’m mainly able to do this because I’ve convinced my brain that I can.
  • For the most part, cars (and even taxis) are actually quite “friendly” towards runners…they let you cross the road even if their robot has just turned green, they move out of the way when you’re running on the only inch of side road available, and they even slow down if they see you approaching them.  Again, not all, but for the most part, that’s been my experience.
  • The odd wave from runners and even the toot from a car or whistle of a worker actually encourages me…I know that as a women, cars hooting and whistling from a worker on the side of the road can feel a bit intimidating, but I find that it really spurs me on.  I feel like I’m not really alone out on the road…or maybe I am and I’m just losing the plot, hehe.  In a race, having the marshals and crowds on the sides cheering really makes a difference!!  Again, it helps me with the mental part of running…
  • Snacks and water along the way definitely help…for shorter distances, I seem to be fine but anything after 8km gets hard and I find that I need liquids and even just a small sugar injection – fruit seems to work quite fine and on the first race I did two weekends ago, the oranges that they provided were exactly what I needed at that point.
  • When your body says no, listen to it!…not only in a race, but even during training.  Last week, I had a short run (listen to me…short run, 5kms, hahahaha *superwoman*) planned for Tuesday and then an 8km run planned for Thursday.  This all leading up to my planned weekend run of 14km+.  When it got to Wednesday night, I was literally dreading my planned run for the next day.  All of Thursday, I felt like I never wanted to even see a running shoe again.  I tried all day to stop thinking about it, and when I realised that wasn’t going to help, I tried to “get my head in the game” and prepare myself for it, but I found myself leaving work later than planned and almost trying to create excuses not to go.  And then I just didn’t!  I spent the afternoon/evening catching up with my folks over a glass of wine, and we all had dinner together.  And you know what – I didn’t die!  I missed a run, but I think it’s just what my body needed, a break!!  Afterall, I’ve been training solidly for the last few months, come hell or high water.  I realised that I needed to listen to my body and it was the best thing I could have done.

I wish I could say that this will be my last post on running, but I don’t know if I can promise that!  I can at least promise not to bore you in my next post with similar content…it’s about time you read about something else other than ME.  Hahaha.

Have a good week y’all xxx


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  1. debraaukett says:

    Oh well done on the lekker long run! Jis ja, the thoughts that goes through ones head in a run that long run is amazing yeah! It really helps to clear your head. Good luck with the last two weeks of training and have fun!

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