On the radio this morning, they were discussing some really odd first world problems…sending a key home via uber, sharing a puppy after a divorce via uber, hmmm.

Then they asked the listeners to give a first world problem of their own.  I have so many guys, honestly!  And I’m well aware of them even in the midst of complaining…I own them 🙂  But one at the forefront of my mind this morning is something my mum brought up yesterday.  It’s not really a problem, more of a pain, inconvenience, waste of time etc., but I thought I would share it here, maybe get others opinions, some suggestions to make it “easier” for me?!?!  This is first world world problem related to food…

I would say that generally (although my mother would disagree!), we all eat the same thing.  I plan my meals for the week ahead on the weekend before, and shop accordingly.  This week’s menu is as follows;-

  • Monday:  grilled fish, savoury rice and roasted vegetables
  • Tuesday:  chicken stirfry
  • Wednesday:  beef pasta
  • Thursday:  pork bangers, mash and beans
  • Friday:  sweetcorn pasta
  • Saturday:  braai
  • Sunday:  roast beef, roast potatoes, roasted veggies

Easy peasy lemon squeezy?!?!  Yup.  BUT, there’s a leetle eensy weensy first world problem here…

The hubster does not eat seafood as he is allergic.  So tonight, I have taken out a piece of steak to substitute the fish for him.

P, our nanny, doesn’t eat pork at all.  So on Thursday, I will substitute the pork bangers with steak for her (I’ve bought a pack of two steaks for this week…one piece for the hubster tonight and one for her on Thursday).

The kids won’t eat the sweetcorn pasta – which the hubster has been begging for for a few weeks now – on Friday as they don’t like mayonnaise which is the sauce that I use in the pasta, they don’t eat tomatoes and they don’t eat green peppers.  They basically only eat the sweetcorn 🙂  So on Friday, I will pop chicken pops and chips into the oven for them.

In addition to the above, I don’t eat lamb (personal preference, I don’t enjoy the taste of it).  

Now my mum says it’s too much effort and I cook too many different options.  Also that it takes up too much time.  But for me, the only other alternative is to only eat chicken and beef as that’s the only meat that we ALL eat.  How boring right?!?!  Or not…

I don’t know…what would you do?  Would you cook multiple options like I do? 

There are nights when I don’t do that and the person who doesn’t eat the meat for that day will just eat the veggies and starch/carbs.  But this has become part of my usual routine so I honestly don’t see it as much effort.  Also, just to mention, this doesn’t happen every week (again, my mother would disagree here!).  The week before last, we all ate the same dinner every night.  And last week, there was only one night where I made something different for the kids as we had a thai chicken curry and Riley doesn’t eat curry yet.


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  1. MamaCat says:

    I grew up in a family where Mom catered to every taste in our house of 6. We generally eat the same things in our house, but we are not fussy about multiple meals. This weekend my family had pizza, and I had roast chicken. We often eat different things and I feel like I had the privilege of being able to eat what I liked, so my family should also have that privilege. However, I find that it’s the days where no meal planning was done, which is where the different meals come in. You do what works for you.

    • Jodie says:

      Definitely a priviledge which is why I’m calling it a first world problem 🙂 I’m glad to see at least one person doesn’t think I’m batty for doing this!

  2. debraaukett says:

    Oh my word, yes!! Jamie doesn’t eat wet foods like soup, stews and pastas – he as SPD so it’s a textural issue and only want “dry” foods (and he is a huge meat eater), whereas Shae doesn’t like “dry” foods like for instance chicken nuggets or fish fingers (rarely eats meat) and loves soups/pastas etc. I generally eat healthy so veg/salad with lean mean/fish/chicken or soups or stews with sweet potato etc, whereas hubby is usually easy but needs extra carbs like rice/potato/pasta etc with his dinner… so I have to also cook separate meals, or different varieties of dinners… I sometimes feel cooking is a huge juggling act!

    • Jodie says:

      Again, I’m relieved to hear I’m not the only one 🙂 It’s weird how kids have different tastes hey? Ethan is not a meat fan but LOVES veggies, whereas Riley loves his meat and doesn’t particularly love veg.

  3. halberts2014 says:

    We generally eat all the same thing. Liam doesn’t like green beans so he picks them out of the stir fry but that’s about it really. Having only 1 kid I suppose helps 🙂 Less picky eaters to cater for

    • Jodie says:

      It’s more the adults that have the issue here – no fish, no pork, no lamb – than the kids, hahahaha. Funnily enough, I thought Liam would be a picky eater! It does make it easier if everybody eats the same thing though.

  4. Yip, I think you’re crazy 🙂 Start as you mean to go on. Also, all the different preferences for the nanny? No, Jodie. I’m 100% with your mother.

    We do a little customisation on the veggies – eg C prefers cucumber and K prefers tomatoes, but I’m chopping both up anyway. I don’t eat peas so I have cauliflower on those nights, but for the main meal, you eat what’s in front of you.

    I did make separate food for 1 year when they just started solids as I only started giving them curries when they were 2.

    • Jodie says:

      The nanny only doesn’t eat pork! Otherwise she eats what we eat. Yes, I guess she could just do without meat and when I have only told her to eat whatever there is, it’s not like she complains. But I treat her as a full member of the family and I feel it’s not fair to not accommodate her. It’s just an extra piece of meat though!!!!

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