All the child trafficking stories, the tips going around on what to teach your children, even the schools teaching children about stranger danger – it makes me sick to the core!  We live in an evil world guys, there are terribly deranged people out there and our children are at risk every day.  After reading a million posts this morning around this issue, I actually feel like I want to go to my kids’ schools and pick them up, lock them in the house and never let them out again.  It’s just so sad!!

Yesterday, we were walking in a shopping centre – a quick in and out to grab some wet wipes for Riley for school.  The boys know to always stay close to me, but Riley walked off twice, just a few metres ahead and I had given him the go ahead to do so – once to throw a paper in the bin and another time to fetch the kiddies trolley for him to push in the shop.  Both times, a man approached him (two different men, different ages, different race, different dress sense…nothing at all to indicate that these two men were in any way related), put out his hand to high five him and just greeted – a simple hello.  My child looked so uncomfortable.  He mumbled a greeting to the first guy but looked down the entire time.  I was tempted to say – say hello Riley – I mean, when we were growing up, greeting people was expected especially a child having to greet an adult, whether you knew the person or not right?!  For some reason, I didn’t say anything, I just watched him.  And do you know what my child said to me once he had walked back to me…that’s stranger danger mum.  I don’t know that man so I’m not going to greet him.  At the age of THREE guys!!!  He’s aware of it.  He knows how to react.  And my heart jumped into my throat.  In that moment, I wanted to cry.

I’m not really going anywhere with this post, I’m just sharing how sad I feel about this whole situation.  I know that I serve a faithful God and that HIS angels are protecting my children every day.  Pray for your children guys.  Pray for them.  That no harm befalls them!

These are some pretty useful “tips” I saw on a FB post this morning that I’d like to share with you…

Teach your kids

Manners out the window

Find a mom with kids

Body secrets


Lunch boxes


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  1. halberts2014 says:

    I know, this is just shocking. It’s horrible that we have to teach our kids to trust no one at all. I’ve told Liam to make as much noise as he can if strangers approach him. Sad to say that the tip about looking for a Mum with kids might also be a bit “flawed”. I’ve told Liam that if he does get separated from us, he is to go to the entrance of the shop we last saw him. Fortunately he hasn’t been separated from us. Even in our local Spar we keep an eye on him. I do find relief almost in the fact that I would like to see any “would be kidnapper” even try to pick Liam up. He weighs a ton. LOL
    You reminded me one when a little blonde girl came out of the Spur playground, crying her little eyes out coz she couldn’t find her parents. I picked her up high and we walked around the Spur and I told her to point them out if she saw them, but I could’ve easily just walked out with her. Both of us having blonde hair no one would’ve noticed. Scary indeed.
    Oh, and Liam’s school insists on all their bags being embroidered with their names but I get you on how dangerous even THAT could be.
    Be vigilant folks, Trust no one. It is indeed a wicked, evil world.

    • Jodie says:

      Not to scare you even more, but I read this morning that child traffickers inject the kids with an injection that basically incapacitates them. So for larger kids (usually 16 – 22years old but I’m assuming for “heavier” kids as well), the put them in wheelchairs but they cannot move and people just think that they’re disabled children. The kids can still see and hear everything, but cannot move a muscle 😦

      • halberts2014 says:

        Yep, thing is not to become “complacent”, be vigilant at all times. Look, even I chat to kids I don’t know. And I must say, I am shocked at the amount of unsupervised kids you see in these play areas or the game centres. I don’t even let Liam walk to the neighbours across the road without me watching him and making sure he is behind the gates. It’s so sad. I remember playing out in the street with all my friends and no parents were watching us.
        It’s just so sad Jodie, really sad. But I do believe that crime is in every country so you can’t actually escape it. Short from, like you say, locking up your kids.
        Horrible, truly horrible.

  2. MamaCat says:

    I know it is terrible. My child hugs everyone hello, even the carguard. I am not a hugger and I have struggled between destroying innocence and stranger danger. I have talked to him about strangers and being separated from us. I have told him about his body and seems to understand. I try to make sure we can talk to each other about everything, so he can tell me if something is going on. HB also has his name embroidered on his bags, but I have stopped doing it on his clothes.

    • halberts2014 says:

      It feels like we are having to destroy their innocence

    • Jodie says:

      The thing is that I don’t think any strangers are going to jump out of the bush and have big signs showing danger on them! How do they differentiate between good and bad strangers?!?! Arggghhh. It’s so frustrating.

      • halberts2014 says:

        No such thing as a good stranger. DH has actually told a few security guards off for approaching Liam, which I think is rude, but at the same time understandable

      • Jodie says:

        Hmmm, YOU’RE a good stranger! Picking up a child in Spur to help her find her mum…that’s the good stranger I’m talking about.

      • halberts2014 says:

        LOL, I would be horrified if someone picked up my child to bring him to me. Talk about being a crappy parent. Oh dear, judge much Helen ;-).
        Truth is, it does happen, that a kid gets lost. I found a girl in Dischem once. In times like that I think parents should look out for one another. I sort of feel responsible for ALL the kids in the playground. I’m watching them all. In a “good stranger” kind of way, not a stalkerish kind of way 🙂 I’m sure we’re all the same, or I would like to think we are

  3. halberts2014 says:

    I must tell you Jodie, that shortly after your blog we got an sms from the school
    “Parents: Please re-confirm all safety aspects. Safety starts at home. We are well informed and proactive. The licence plate of a suspicious vehicle is essential”
    I don’t know what went down yesterday but I did have words with Liam and gave him the names of people he is allowed to get into cars with. Basically just us, grandparents and his godmother. I also pointed out the people will say I sent him and he may believe them because they know his name. Pointed out that EVERYONE knows his name coz it’s on his bag.
    Pray for our children indeed

    • Jodie says:

      I had the exact same conversation with Ethan in the car this morning. People could call you by your name AND surname and say that mum sent you…you DO NOT under ANY circumstances believe them, even if it’s a woman!

      • halberts2014 says:

        Yep, even if it’s a woman OR one of their friends parents. Unless I have said it is ok to go with them, which I don’t anyway, do not get in their car. This is all so terrifying. Makes you want to homeschool 🙂

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