…will you be bummed if I told you NOTHING happened?!?!  Yup, nothing.

Anti-climax of note right?!?!!?!?!

No, I am not planning for my next 21km race, no I am not trying to run the next big distance, no I don’t have a marathon in mind.  In fact, on the contrary…

The week after the BIG 21KM, I didn’t run at all as I hurt my foot while running in the race, something I luckily only discovered once I had finished the race, gotten home and taken a shower.  In that week, I did two days of core and cardio exercise (anybody remember Taebo???…when I find a video online and do it, all I can think of is how the video looks about 100years old, hahahahaha) and that was it.  Mainly because of my injured foot.  But I would be lying if I said it was ONLY that.  Honestly, my mind just isn’t in it.  It’s like I worked so hard to hit a target, I achieved the target, and now I’m like…now what? Why am I running?  What’s the point? 

The week thereafter, I managed three runs plus a day of cardio.  All short runs, 3.5kms each.

Last week, I did the same and then on Sunday, I did a 6km run and well…I hurt my foot again 😦  So badly that I limped all of Sunday AND Monday and I’m still limping today.

It’s taken me a while to get over all the hype.  Proving to myself that I can!  Reaching the actual goal in such a short space of time.  Becoming a “runner”.  Then hitting a flat…

But when I got thinking, I realized that although I had a goal and wanted to reach that long distance, it’s really not what I want to do any time in the near future again.  Right now, I want to run better, faster, stronger.  I want to be able to run 10km without walking at all!  I want to improve my time.  And that’s okay!  Well, you may not think it’s okay, but I do, and that’s all that counts 🙂 🙂 🙂


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  1. halberts2014 says:

    LOL, the fact that you say “video” and “Taebo” shows how old it is. Does anyone even DO videos anymore? Our kids don’t have a clue.
    Does seem a bit of a bummer but if you aren’t that into it anymore don’t worry. Perhaps you need a change of pace.

  2. debraaukett says:

    Hahaha gotta love Billy Banks!

    It was a huge anticlimax after my big 21 too… And I struggled with my ankle. Only enjoying my running now again and working towards doing a faster 10km… but something is stuck in my head. I thought after completing 21 I would have more confidence in being a runner, but the self doubt is even worse… it’s a mind thing I’m struggling with. Trying to tell me, so what if I am a slow runner, but want to be a fast runner at the same time. Haha, no wonder they say runners are crazies :p

    • Jodie says:

      I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who felt that way!!!! And I haven’t ran at all this week because of my injured foot. And we’re leaving tomorrow for PE. Hoping to squeeze in 2 or 3 runs while away, even if they’re really short ones.

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