No, we have not had the talk yet.  As far as I’ve been told, the day to have that conversation is not that far away (I’m cringing already!!), but I just have to record how my child thinks babies are made at the moment…

On the school pick up ride this afternoon, I told Ethan that 7years ago today, I was counting down five more sleeps until I was going to meet him.  I then asked him if he knew where Riley was when he was in my tummy – he said yes, Riley was a seed in God’s hand.  What he said next is the part I just had to share…

He said that when God was ready, he used a miracle to throw the seed down into my tummy because God is all powerful and God can do miracles which we can’t even see.

How precious ❤ ❤ ❤

So for now, I’m sticking to his story and there’s no need for us to be moving onto the talk just yet.  Besides which, he is quite right…minus the nitty gritties that go into it 😉


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  1. halberts2014 says:

    That’s is such a nice way to think of it.
    We haven’t had the talk yet either. Thank goodness Liam hasn’t asked so I don’t feel the need to explain it either.
    Have an most excellent, awesome weekend Jodie

  2. MamaCat says:

    Sweet idea. We have have brief versions of the talk, but nothing too crazy.

  3. that is SUPER sweet.

    Or in our case, a team of about 20 medical professionals needed to assist 🙂

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