Wow, it’s February already!  Can you believe it??!!!!  Valentines Day is around the corner, thereafter Easter (the shops are already selling eggs at exorbitant prices!!!), mothers’ day, fathers’ day and then it’s Christmas again guys.  You’re probably thinking – Jodie, you’re being ridiculous – but it’s true!  Before we blink too much, it’ll be December again and we’ll be moving onto 2020!!!!  Anyway, I digress…

For the last week, Riley’s cried every single morning because he says he’s going to miss us during the day.  You see, I don’t take him to school because the hubster and I split the school lifts.  I drop Ethan at 7 and then rush straight to work so that I can leave again to fetch the kids at 3.  Riley’s school only opens at 7:30am.  Dropping him after dropping Ethan means that I only get to work after 8 which obviously means I cannot be waltzing out at 3.  I mean, I don’t exactly own the place…well, not yet… 🙂  Most mornings, Riley is sleeping when we leave, so Ethan and I only get to see him in the late afternoon.  This has been the arrangement for as long as Riley has been going to school, almost 2years now.  But the past week, he’s made sure he’s been awake.  This morning, he actually walked into the shower crying at 5:40am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m assuming it’s part of the phase that he’s been going through for the last few months – wanting HIS way – but damn, it’s annoying.  The hubster says that the minute we leave, he’s absolutely fine!  Which just goes to show, there’s nothing really wrong.

Ethan has started playing mini cricket matches for the first time this year (grade 1s were not included last year) and we’re just so proud of him.  He’s a proper sportsman and seems to excel in any sport he tries.  He’s obsessed with cricket at the moment!  I haven’t been able to go and see any of the matches as yet, but I’m hoping to next week.

On my word FOCUS for the year…it’s been going okay hey.  Work wise, I’ve decided to attempt to “re-invent myself” so to speak and try and get into a job that I actually love.  I’m working on it.  I’m fortunate to be in a space that I really do enjoy so I’m not desperate.  But I’ve given this a lot of thought, and I’m focused 🙂  I’ve also been writing short stories for the past few months which I’m quite enjoying.  It’s on a website called 12shortstories…you get a prompt, a deadline and a number of words.  My neighbour told me about it.  People comment and give you feedback so it helps from a learning point of view.  For the past 7years, I’ve been writing on this blog alone, but I think I’d like to write my own book one day.  I have no idea what type of book or what it will be about, but when the time is right, I’m definitely going to give it a go.

This month we celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary.  My parents have been so kind to gift us with a weekend away.  I am so excited!!!

Anyhoo, back to the grindstone.  Have a good week y’all xxx


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  1. halberts2014 says:

    I know hey, time flies, heck.
    Shame, poor Riley, but like you said, he’s okay when you leave so a tad bit of manipulation there? Hehe.
    I’m fortunate to be married to one of the bosses so we can pretty much “waltz out of here when we please” but we don’t. That’s just abuse. But it is nice when it is needed.
    Oooh, a weekend away, lovely. You are going to be telling us closer to the time hey?
    Have a splendid week Jodie

    • Jodie says:

      My mum also says Riley is just wanting his own way i.e. manipulating me…but a week later! Wowzer. At least I know he has “staying power”, hehe. You’re very lucky to be flexible at work! I’ll keep you informed about the weekend 🙂

  2. MamaCat says:

    Mini cricket, mini soccer, mini hockey…. They have sucked up or early Saturday mornings for the last 3 years. Our school starts in G0. The kids love it, and by now we are into it. Ethan will thank you for the sacrifice. I am impressed at your writing. I love to read, so please let us know about this book. I am amazed by writers. You know Riley will get over it. I think he is too young to be manipulating anyone. He is just a boy who wants his mom 🙂

    • Jodie says:

      Manipulate may be a bit of a strong word…more like wanting his own way 😉 You’re right about the sacrifice and the kids enjoying the sport. We also had cricket soccer and hockey last year, but we haven’t had anything on Saturdays at all.

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