It’s mornings like today that I know that I’m doing something right as a mum!

I set my alarm for 5:15am today, 15minutes before my usual wake-up time, so that I could make the boys crumpets for breakfast for Valentines Day.  After whipping up a quick and easy batter, I jumped into the shower, then set the table with two little treats compliments of Woolies…just a small token of today.


I walked into their room saying “Morning.  Happy Valentines Day my boys.  Mummy loves you so so much”.  Riley jumped up quickly and gave me the biggest hug and kiss.  Ethan laid for a minute or two and then turned around with tears streaming down his face (my emotional child!) saying I love you so much too mum, with all my heart.  After getting them both to the table for their crumpets, hot chocolate and treats, we started chatting as we usually do at the breakfast table.  When Riley is awake, the conversation is usually very animated!  When it’s just Ethan, we sit in relative silence, mostly so as not to wake Riley who only leaves for school just before 8am.  Anyway, I digress…

After lots more cuddles with the both of them and a few more tears from Ethan, Riley handed over his chocolate to me.  He said that he wants me to have it because he loves me so much.  To which Ethan then pipes up: mum, I had planned to get you roses at the market today at school.  I told him not to worry and that he should rather spend the money on himself and maybe get his brother something as well, something which he usually does.  But he insisted that he wanted to get flowers for me to show me how much he loves me.

One of the things that I really want to teach my boys is to know that they are loved tremendously, and I want them to be able to love back – and show that love freely – with all their hearts.

Happy Valentines Day y’all xxx


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  1. halberts2014 says:

    Aw, your boys are so cute man.
    Have an excellent Valentines day with many spoilings

  2. debraaukett says:

    Aww that’s so very special, Jodie! Love how you made their morning so perfect.
    I also try and make my littlest’s vday special… mornings are madness, but woke them up with Kinderjoy Chocolate with a Somebunny loves you note and bow. Will make a special roast chicken (their favourite) dinner with a beautifully set table. Did your kids also have to dress in red today?

    • Jodie says:

      Yes they did Debs. We picked out their outfits last night – even their underwear and socks are red 🙂 And Riley is super chuffed because I let him wear his brand new takkies to school for the first time today. Hope Jamie and Shae feel extra special today xxx

      • halberts2014 says:

        The closest Liam has to red is maroon shirt so he’s gone with that. None of us have anything red. Ooh, I have a red bra but I don’t think that would’ve worked. No underpants, socks. Nothing red. What is wrong with us

      • Jodie says:

        Hahahaha. The boys honestly have red per chance…like the underpants and socks are part of sets. Ethan’s red shirt is from Christmas and Riley’s wearing his transformer shirt which just happens to be red 🙂 I have a few red things in my cupboard but they’re mostly casual, so I settled for a skirt that has some pink flowers in it.

      • debraaukett says:

        Shame, Jamie is wearing a size 7 to 8 Spiderman shirt today, it still fits – but just just! I’m wearing black, even though I have more red than normally in my closet at the moment, no one is going to see me 😀 . Have a great Vday you all! xx

      • Jodie says:

        I would be wearing pj’s if I were you 😉 You too xx

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