Yesterday I went for a walk – not a jog, not even a half jog/half walk…just a walk – and I spent the full 30minutes thinking!  That’s what I enjoy about exercising on my own.  It gives me time to think 🙂  I have so many things that I want to blog about, but putting it into a few posts is just proving impossible at the moment so let me rather update you on things in our world currently…

Recent Celebrations

Our anniversary weekend away was absolutely amazing guys.  I can’t remember the last time that the hubster and I went away for TWO NIGHTS without the kids.  We left Jo’burg on the Friday morning and stayed in Hartebeespoort Dam.  My mum ordered the honeymoon package so we were greeted with rose petals, champers and a platter of eats on arrival – so special.  We agreed to put our phones down and disconnect as much as possible, we even played a board game.  But most importantly, we spent good quality time together ❤ ❤ ❤



This is the man I love ❤

My birthday a week later was equally as special.  From my boys singing, gifts from them and friends and family, I really felt special.  I arrived at work to a desk full of goodies and oodles of gifts.  I was spoilt with breakfast by a friend, lunch by a group of girlfriends and I must admit, I hardly did any work *yikes*!!

Desk for birthday.jpg

Do you understand why it was so hard to work??!!!!

On Saturday evening, we went out for dinner as a family with my baby (not so baby anymore!) sister at night, when it was dark, much to the boys delight.

Howe family

This is us ❤ ❤ ❤

On Sunday, my middle sister spoilt me with a full body massage at a spa in the middle of nowhere.  It was so rustig.  My folks arrived from Durban on Sunday evening and popped around for a cuppa tea and to drop my gift.  It turned into an impromptu braai.  When they left, I really felt like my love tank was full.  But wait…there was more 🙂  On Monday, I received more gifts at work and this morning, I had my final birthday celebration…breakfast with a friend at the restaurant in the office.  Five days of celebrating!!!!!  I have been in my element 🙂  Did I mention that my love language is receiving gifts?!?!  Now for another 360 odd days more till the next one.

The boys

Schools close this week Friday and both the boys will be at home for 2weeks!  I cannot wait not to have to rush like a mad person packing lunches at sparrow’s fart, squeezing through traffic to get to school, leaving work at 3pm on the dot to get to school in time to fetch Ethan, remembering what kit to pack on what day…2weeks of pure bliss.  And I’m excited that I’ll be able to fit in some gym workouts without having to work around the school time table either 🙂 🙂 🙂  It’s been almost impossible to get a consistent schedule going, but anyway, I try! and I also convince myself that at least I’m getting some exercise in.  I still cannot believe that I trained and managed to run 21km last year – like HOW.  Anyway, I digress…

Riley has been asking every few days (as if the answer is going to change) where we are going for the school holidays.  When I say nowhere, he gives a big aaahhhhhhh…then he says he really wants to go to PE to see his cousin Lily.  Aunty Megan, if you’re reading, please make a plan to come and fetch my child because as Ethan says:  RILEY, THERE’S NO MONEY TO GO ON HOLIDAY.  Train them young 😉  They actually are going away…they’re going with nana and grandpa to Durban for a few days.  But noooooo, that’s not good enough for Riley.  At the age of 4, I feel like this child has some rather unrealistic expectations of us!!

Ethan has a crazy hat day at school tomorrow.  He came up with his hat idea all on his own and it’s going to look amazing!  Basically, he wanted to make something from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  So we got a polystyrene hat and spray painted it black, printed a few things to stick on it and then used pipe cleaners to make different shaped sweets.  He’s also added real sweets to it and on top of the hat, he’s built a Lego factory and put Lego men on to show the factory and people from the movie.  I really hope that he’s happy with the finished product as, if you follow my blog, you will recall that last years Easter hat resulted in tears on the actual day because boy child was not happy with his hat when he got to school and saw all the other kids’ hats.  In fact, this year he specifically said he wants a really awesome hat, not like last year, hahahaha.

In other news, he’s also been chosen to swim in the championship gala on Thursday this week at school.  I’m so chuffed.  For his age group, only 8/9 kids have been chosen of which 4 swim for the school team.  So imagine how good he must be for him to have been chosen.  I’m toying with the idea of getting him into private lessons for swimming because I think there’s a natural talent there, but he’s also just naturally good at sport, so not quite sure.


I’ve started watching a new series called My Brilliant Friend – it’s a foreign film with subtitles.  So far, only episode 1 (75minutes long!!) has played on DSTv, but for some strange reason, the trailers appealed to me, so I’m giving it a go.  I’m only about half an hour through so I can’t really say whether I love it or not.


Work is work 🙂  Sadly, the plans that I penned down at the beginning of the year are not really coming to fruition…as yet…but I do believe that all things happen in God’s time and so I will continue to patiently wait and pray about it.  It’s year end this month and so crunch time with every.single.thing, plus I have a really big project on the go which I need to land by then.  Hopefully I can still squeeze in the Durban trip with the boys in their holiday but we shall see.  I am blessed and greatful to have a really good job at a company that I absolutely love.

That’s all for now folks.  Have a great week xxx

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  1. halberts2014 says:

    Wow Jodie, such spoilings. You deserve it though.
    LOL at the boys actually being out at night, I totally understand 🙂
    Best part of school holidays is not hearing the moaning about the uncomfortable school uniform.
    I remember last year’s hat day. Can’t wait for pics for this year.
    Have a blessed week Jodie !

  2. debraaukett says:

    The anniversary weekend sounds totally amazeballs! Glad you guys had a special time. Happy belated birthday to you. It’s fab that you have been spoiled as you totally deserve it
    I can’t believe the first term is already over…feels like we barely packed the Christmas tree away and now we’re in mid-March already.
    Hope Ethan enjoys his gala 🙂 xxx

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