I know, it’s been a while right?!  Hey hey, I’m still alive.

Schools are back and I’m right back into busy busy busy.  I cannot believe it’s day 2.  I feel like we never had a break.  That’s partly because the kids didn’t really have a break.  Well, I don’t think so.  Ethan had an oral to prepare for, for a speech festival which started on the first day of term 2.  I don’t know about you, but I honestly don’t know when school became so hectic.  I mean, what is the harm in letting the kids having a 2week break with NO WORK?!?!?!  Can the festival not start the week after school starts…

On the other hand, the break was awesome.  It felt longer than 2weeks to me, and that’s probably because I took a few days off.  Not many, but myself and the kids managed to travel to Durban for a long weekend with my folks.  We drove up in the first week of the holiday on the Wednesday and returned on the Sunday.  The break was just what I needed (although I wish that I had stayed for longer!) and more importantly, I got to spend quality time with my boys.  We hired bikes on the beach, went to see a kiddies show at the theatre, took the boys to jump (a must during every school holiday!), went to the park with nowhere to rush back to and the highlight of the holiday…swam in the sea.  And this time, I let Ethan have a bit of freedom and go into the waves with me.  He had the time of his life.  Unfortunately, the weather in Durban wasn’t amazing, but on the plus side, it wasn’t humid as usual, so that made for a really pleasant stay.  And then the cherry on top…every night after the kids went to bed, I spent quality time with my parents, just the three of us ❤

Last week, the kids had their cousins sleep over for the first time which they thoroughly enjoyed.  And the following night, Ethan had his first sleep over (other than at nana and aunty) at their house.  I didn’t think that Riley was old enough so he spent the day playing – after all four of them were spoilt rotten by nana and grandpa with an hour jumping at Rush followed by lunch at KFC.  I went to collect him at 8pm after dinner at my folks’, only for him to cry blue murder ‘cos he wanted to stay.  I still think I did the right thing because you know that bedtime brings a whole other dimension to our thoughts and I’m pretty sure that I would have had to go and collect him in the middle of the night which I sure as hell wasn’t prepared to do.  Anyhow, maybe next time we’ll let him try 🙂

The kids being on holiday was really a godsend and came at the right time.  Of course, there was that break from the usual monotony and I didn’t have to worry about lifts and lunches and sticking to 7pm-ish bedtime, but more importantly for me was that I had three really big projects at work that were in crunch mode last week so required me to work around the clock!  Sometimes you don’t see the small blessings in your life right?!

Well, just thought I’d check in.  Hope I haven’t missed too much on your side xxx


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  1. halberts2014 says:

    Yay, I was wondering what you had been up to. Good to hear you’ve had a good holiday with the boys
    I know right, back at school and we already have 4 projects on the go. I get so confused by it all. I don’t remember school being so hard, LOL
    Good luck for term 2

  2. debraaukett says:

    So awesome that you could take a few days off too. Good luck with Term 2, looks like we’ll be in for a busy time…

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