I was driving home from gym last week Thursday evening when I heard the 947 radio dj’s call up a random listener to ask them what’s for dinner.  I’m not sure if this happens on their show every day (I only listen in on the way home from work and I think this happens just after 6:30pm at which point I am long done with dinner!), but the point of it is to ascertain what a listener is doing for dinner to maybe assist somebody who hasn’t decided on what to make as yet.  My first thought was wow, this is late to be assisting somebody in making dinner.  Who decides at 6:45pm…what time do they end up eating?!  Of course not me for I am the master of planners especially where food is concerned!!!! I plan my meals in advance over the weekend and shop accordingly.

This is been quite challenging over the last few weeks as for lent, I am abstaining from meat.  The rest of my family isn’t.  Initially I had all these wonderful plans of making really fancy vegetarian meals for myself, but life happens…and so most nights, I just whip up something extra on top of what I’ve cooked for the rest of the family.  Take last week Monday as an example – I made chicken stew with rice for them.  I used half the vegetables in the chicken stew, and the with the other half, I managed to make a really delicious vegetable curry for myself and had it with some of the rice.

Anyway, on one of the nights last week, I made the below for myself one of the evenings where I was feeling extra creative 😉 and it was so easy and quick to make and so delicious that I thought I’d share it with you.

Spicy Scrambled Egg Wrap


Spring onion (as much as you would like, I just used one small one)

1 Tomato, finely grated

2 Teaspoons of chilli tomato pesto

1 Red fresh chilli, finely chopped

2 Eggs

Milk (as preferred to scramble eggs)

Salt and pepper

2 Wraps

Handful of grated gouda cheese

Handul of grade mozzarella cheese

Handful of rocket leaves

Chopped up parsley (as preferred)


Spicy tomato relish: fry the spring onion, add in salt and pepper as per preference.  Add chilli tomato pesto, fresh chopped chillis and grated tomato and cook until paste becomes smooth and thick.  Add water if needs be.

Eggs: scramble in a pan and allow to cool before adding to wrap to avoid wrap from getting soggy.

Wrap – heat the wraps in the microwave for 10 – 15seconds.

To combine:  Lay the rocket leaves flat in the middle of the wrap.  Add dollops of spicy tomato relish on top of the leaves.  Layer scrambled eggs over and sprinkle a combination of the cheeses and the parsley thereafter.  Roll up tightly inside the wrap and secure with foil or a toothpick…or just eat straight away!

And VOILA – spicy scrambled egg wrap done 🙂 🙂 🙂




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  1. halberts2014 says:

    Ooh, that wrap looks edible, LOL.
    I agree, who thinks of dinner at 6.45pm. We’ve eaten by then. We’ve become the masters of a quick meal. Usually done and dusted by 6pm. But, we are in PE where things are very relaxed and our commute time isn’t that bad

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