Hey there!  It’s been a while and in that while, I’ve been soooooooooooooo busy.  At work, I’ve had two massive projects go live in the last 10days and all my focus has been on that every.single.day.  I’ve even been considering getting adult nappies the office hours…and I’m not even joking.  Of course I’ve been extremely tired with late days at the office and juggling the household and I just want to know, like seriously – as an adult, ARE YOU EVER NOT TIRED??!!!!


Anyhoo, that being said – I am alive!  Almost 100% recovered from an viral inner ear infection that I picked up about 5/6weeks ago and I’m off to Mauritius tomorrow.  Yes, you read right – MAURITIUS 🙂 🙂 🙂  For work.  But I’m fortunate to be going a day earlier and a few colleagues from the office are taking myself and the other South African guy around the island on Sunday!  Yay for us.

In other news, my parents are officially moving back to Durban after being semi-permanently based in Jo’burg for the past year.  It’s really been so amazing having them around.  Popping in to say hi whenever, the kids have loved having them so close by picking them up from school and at soccer and cricket matches, and then of course, having the extra hands around and my mum just dropping a pot of food off every now and then just because.  In fact, the last few weeks would have been almost impossible for me to cope had it not been for their help.  We will still see them probably every  few weeks or so, but it’s going to be a big adjustment not having them 10kms away.

My little sister moves in with us at the end of the month for a few months and we’re really looking forward to having her around, especially the kids.  And her little sausage dog Bailey ❤

I feel like I need another separate blogpost for this – not that I haven’t blogged about it before, but I need to vent!! – Ethan came home yesterday having left 1 school shoe at school (it’s a Woolies one that’s totally black on the inside so impossible to label – any suggestions????) and a pair of pants.  Guys, I bought the shoes LAST WEEK, I’m not even joking.  When my sister fetched him from school yesterday, he was beside himself because he was scared that I was going to kill him.  My sister asked my mum to call to calm him down (I was on my way to a team build and she didn’t want to bother me) and my mum in turn called me to tell me that he was hysterical when she spoke to him – crying non-stop – and you know Ethan is my emotional child in the best of times… can you imagine how he is when he’s done something wrong?!?!  My response:  he should be scared that I’m going to kill him because I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Any suggestions on how to make him learn?

At some stage, I was keeping a running lists of funny things the kids said under Ethan-isms and Riley-ism but you know, the kids grow up and suddenly you’re discussing how they got into your tummy if God didn’t cut your tummy open first to plant them inside (Riley at the tender age of 4) and there’s no more funny little quips but more deep conversations that need to be tabled with somebody else other than me, hehe.  But my conversation with Ethan earlier this week if just too sweet not to share.  So I gave him R30 to buy a wrap for lunch at school as we didn’t have any bread at home (I only realised this at 5:50am…do you now understand how busy I’ve been?!?!).  In the car on the way to school, the following conversation went down;-

Ethan:  Mum, how much money do you have left?

Me:  From what?

Ethan:  After this R30, how much money do you have left?

Me:  Nothing, that was the last R30 I had in my purse so I now have no more money left.

Ethan:  So where are you going to get more money from?

Me:  Nowhere.

Ethan:  Can’t you go to the bank?

Me:  No.  Remember I told you that the bank just keeps money for me, it can’t give me more than I’ve put in.  So this R30 is the R30 that I took out of the bank to give you so now there’s nothing left in the bank.

Ethan:  Can dad give you money?

Me:  No he can’t.

*Ethan thinks…*

Ethan:  Mum, you can have this R30 back.

Me:  But what are you going to eat for lunch ‘cos this R30 is for your wrap?

Ethan:  It’s okay mum.  I can fast today.  You can rather take the R30 so that you can use it to buy food.

❤ ❤ ❤

Funny how the last R30 that I gave him then didn’t jog something in his mind when he left his brand new shoe at school yesterday…I mean, if I didn’t have money for food, where am I going to find money for school shoes, hehe.

Anyway, it’s the end of our first full work week in South Africa in forever!  I hope that you guys have had a good one.  Enjoy the weekend xxx


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  1. halberts2014 says:

    Shame Jodie, sorry to hear your have been hectically busy and so tired.
    But hey, while most of us plod on, you, lucky girl, are going to Mauritius! ! Talk about a light at the end of the tunnel. Or is that an island at the end of yours???
    Aww man, how sad your parents are moving away? But how cool that little sis and Bailey are moving in. Your must watch a film called A Dogs Purpose. It has a dog called Bailey in it, but he thinks his name is “Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey” You’ve gotta watch it. Sad but great.
    I got some great labels that stick in the shoes AND on clothes. No iron ons. I’m fortunate that Liam is really good at bringing his stuff home but I can give you the name of the label place, although I’m sure there will someone closer to you that does the same thing.
    Aww, how sweet is Ethan, giving you your money back. Wish Liam would do the same. he just thinks if we need it the bank will hand it out. Or that my magic Titanium card has endless supplies
    Have fun on the island, take plenty of pics to make us jealous, pfft

    • Jodie says:

      Ah thanks Helen – I will definitely have a bit of a break at least and I cannot wait to get out of the humdrum of my “usual” life!

  2. MamaCat says:

    Sorry to hear the busy is so busy, but you are a mom… We have super powers. I would be sad to have my parents move away. 13 years, and I still miss my parents.
    I buy the shoe labels, iron in labels, stationery labels, multipurpose labels. I also use a laundry marker and cloth tape. I label everything. EVERYTHING. The hats and bags get embroidery labels along straps and brims. The shoe labels are really good. They stay inside. I have to pull them off when I donate the shoes.
    Don’t threaten him. It does not work, and he will be afraid to tell you stuff. You just have grin and bear it and repeat everyday that if it comes off, it goes in the bag.
    He is not doing anything naughty… We know this is a normal child thing.
    But I also get crazy nuts about losing stuff and have to talk to myself.

    • Jodie says:

      They’ve been here for a year and it’s made such a difference in ALL of our lives 😦 Thanks for the advise on the labels…I only have the iron on ones.

      • halberts2014 says:

        Iron on clothes labels are a pain, I was so glad when I found just normal stick on ones. Different from the shoes but still, you just stick them on the clothes, what a blessing. I also use plain pens, tippex and khoki to mark stuff

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