Scene…Both kids are in the backseat of the car, we’re on our way to school and we’re listening to the radio.  947 is showcasing the now rather well known Durban Uber driver who is singing his opera version of Dancing With A Stranger.  This, after having played the original version by Sam Smith.

Ethan:  I think he should be last.

Me:  What do you mean he should be last, it isn’t a competition, he’s just singing his own version of the song.

Ethan:  Well, I prefer the normal version.

Me:  He’s actually become quite famous for his singing this week.  He’s an opera singer and so the way that he’s singing is a certain style of singing.

Riley:  Opera like The Phantom Of The Opera?

Me:  Yes Riley.  Good memory!  Exactly like that type of singing.

Ethan:  The Phantom Of The Opera lives in the sewer.

Me:  No he doesn’t.  He lives in a sort of water tunnel system that’s beneath the opera.

Riley:  What does sewer mean, how would he get into the sewer?

Me:  If he lived in the sewer, he’d have to have been flushed down the toilet (jokingly of course).

Ethan:  No, he could have got there through a water drain.

Me:  But you can’t go into a water drain, you’d drown.

Ethan:  No you won’t.  In the water drain at our school, there’s a lady with yellow eyes who lives inside.

Me:  There’s no way there’s a lady that lives there.  Who told you that?

Ethan:  Nobody told me.  I just know.  I saw her there.

Me:  There’s no way you saw somebody there.  I’m warning the two of you – I don’t want you playing near water drains.  They are dangerous and not somewhere you should be playing.

Riley:  But how did the lady get in there?

Me:  End of story, can we please change the subject.  In fact, I think that you guys should watch the whole Phantom Of The Opera movie. [I’ve shown them a few songs on YouTube and played them some songs on the piano as well.  I’ve also told them the story briefly so they kind of know what it’s about].

Riley:  Yes, please can we watch it.  When can you get the movie?  Can we watch it tonight?

Me:  I’m not sure.  In fact, I’ll have to check the age restriction because I’m not sure if you’ll be able to watch it at all.

Riley:  But why wouldn’t we be able to watch it?

Me:  Because it’s actually a movie for adults, not for children.

Riley:  Okay, well why don’t you look for the movie when the Phantom is small, like our age, then we’ll be able to watch it because then it will be for children.



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  1. debraaukett says:

    Haha that’s so cute how they reason and talk.
    Freaky @ the lady with the yellow eyes in the drain though :p
    Love that they know all about Phantom of the Opera.

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