“I’m going to ask Santa for a Barbie doll for Christmas”…strange words coming from a boy child right?!

Well, this is what Riley – my almost 5year old – said to me about a month ago. So I asked my sister-in-law to bring an extra doll that I assumed she had laying around (having 2 girls) with them from PE when they came to visit us. She forgot. So I picked up an el cheapo Barbie (R99) from Pick ‘n Pay on my way to fetch them from the airport so that we could sneak it into her bag and pretend it was from them, as she had promised…the things we do for our children!

Boy child was absolutely smitten the moment he saw the doll. The doll was named Cindy and went to bed with him that night, but not before mummy made her a bun to keep her hair out of her face, and out of his, during the night. Cindy also bathed with him and even went to swimming lessons the next day, propped up next to mummy to watch Riley swim.

This was about 3weeks ago.

Where is Cindy now?! Absolutely no freaking clue!!!! I can tell you that her dress is in the toy box compliments of little cousin Lily who loves undressing dolls. Where the actual doll is – your guess is as good as mine!!

My point… Is there really anything wrong with boys playing with dolls??? Riley asked for a doll just because…I assume out of curiosity. He only has male friends in our complex and the girls at school laugh at him when he wants a chance to play with the dolls well because, he’s.a.boy! Yet the girls are allowed to play with cars, and soccer balls, and dress up?! No I’m not trying to promote gender equality. I’m merely saying… So what?! They’re kids. Leave them be. If he wants to play with a doll, let him do so.

Needless to say… What does Riley want from Santa now??? Definitely not a doll 😉

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  1. halberts2014 says:

    Yeah, let them play with what they want to, I agree.
    What is it with kids undressing dolls. We don’t have dolls in our house but have plenty of Lego men. I can just shit myself with the neighbour kids pull them apart to change pants. I have 3 Lego men with no hands even! Liam keeps his men as they are intended and gets very cross, he actually bans the others from touching his Lego.
    Wonder where poor Cindy is now???

  2. debraaukett says:

    Absolutely! Jamie loves playing with Shae with her dolls and dollhouse. He would even when she’s not home play with it. Nothing wrong with that, I think it teaches them to take care of someone, and lay some foundation for being a good dad one day. Just like Shae likes to play with Jamie’s cars and trucks 🙂

  3. MamaCat says:

    So we don’t have actual dolls, but a 20 litre container just with figurines, and then there is the lego and Playmobil. These are in the bath, in my car, in my handbag, in the couches… Everywhere. Boys have imaginations too and should be allowed to play with dolls. HB sleeps with 3 teddies still.

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