My mother

I am priviledged to call this lady my mother!

…She loves me like nobody else in this world does.  She would drop everything just to be with me.  She comforts me, she lifts my spirits, she lets me know how much I mean to her and how amazing she thinks I am.  Even when I am at my lowest, just hearing her voice or receiving a message from her peps me up.  We are so much alike in so many ways.  I have blogged about her and the special relationship we have time and time again.  If you follow my blog, you should by now know how much she really means to me.

My parents

These are my parents…

…Without the both of them, I wouldn’t be here.  You hear a lot about my mum on this blog, but of course, I also have a dad and he’s really one of a kind!  My dad is levelheaded, he’s the voice of reason, the logical one.  When there’s a problem, he always has a solution.  He often calls me for no reason, just to say hi.  He affectionately greets me to the old school tune of Kris Kross’s Jump.  I’m not even joking!!  You know the part where they sing “JUMP, JUMP”…yup, I am – JO, JO – to him 🙂  He believes in me.  He loves me unconditionally.  He knows the pressures I am constantly under, and where he can help, he will drop everything just to do so.  He will make a plan even if it means handing out a few extra pennies to me.


This past weekend, I left my kiddies at home – with who you ask?!  Well, with their dad of course.  I needed to reset.  Pull myself towards myself.  And more importantly, just have a break from everything.  Am I bad mum?  I honestly don’t think so.  My kids asked me this morning why I went to nana and grandpa without them, and I told them honestly – MUMMY NEEDED A BREAK.  After four nights of being spoilt rotten in Durban, five days of being busy, but oh so good busy…movies, a family reunion, pedi’s, riding bikes on the beach with my little sister…my soul is replenished.  I feel brand new.  How long will this last?  I don’t know.  I can already feel the seams unravelling – just kidding!!!!  I’m hoping that this last at least until the end of the month, haha.  But my dad reminded me this weekend that I can always come home.  No matter what.  If I need to get away, if I feel like a break, if I just want to visit – the door is always open, and I am really so greatful for that.  I really love my parents dearly – they are one of a kind.  In the words of one of my dad and my favourite songs to harmonise when I was growing up…

I thank my God…

Each time I think of you,

And when I pray for you,

I pray with joy.

I am truly blessed with the best!

Andy and I

My littlest of little sisters (I am the eldest of 3 girls) and me…I look so OLD next her!  We spent lots of quality time together this weekend  ❤


4 responses »

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Hello Jodies’ Mum and Dad. And littlest sister.
    So glad you had this chance to reset. Your family sounds the best. Do they have a room for a bloggie in PE? LOL
    Stay well Jodie.

  2. halberts2014 says:

    Oh, what is that you are playing?

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