So my phrase for 2020, as I blogged about over here is…


I am a talker!  Those of you who know me will definitely attest to that.  I talk constantly.  I am never without words.  For those of you who only know me through my blog, I’m sure you can tell by my lengthy blogposts (which I really do try to shorten!) how much I love to talk.  I always have an opinion, always!!  And I am never shy to give it.  I always want to have the last say in an argument – ask the hubster, he’ll confirm without having to think twice about it.  I would like to say that I filter my words – I try not to just throw things out there without thinking about it – but there have been numerous times where I’ve noticed that no words were needed, yet I gave them anyway.  I have become more and more aware of the things I say, how I say them, when I say them and to who I say them to.

Sometimes people just want to talk, you know.  They want you to listen, and no opinion is needed.

Sometimes people may say something that you think is ridiculous, but it’s what they think, their thoughts, their opinion.  There’s no need to tell them otherwise – well, in not so many words at least 😉 – that you think they’re ridiculous or your disagree with them.  They just want you to listen.

Sometimes people need to vent.  There’s no need for you to try and add in your two cents, they just want you to listen.

I find myself turning a conversation around to focus on me.  It’s really not on purpose, I just have this habit of trying to make somebody feel better by relating something that’s happened in my life that’s similar to what they’re telling me, and then next thing, we’re talking about my situation or experience, miles from where we started.  Sometimes they just want you to listen!!

And so, that’s how I got to my phrase for 2020.  This year, I’ve decided to try and keep my mouth shut and just listen.

  • Don’t interrupt people when they are talking mid-sentence.  Just listen.
  • Don’t give an opinion unless I’m asked for one.  Just listen.
  • Don’t try and provide a similar occurrence in my life to try and make the person feel better.  Just listen.

I know I’m being extreme – I’m not a robot, and having a conversation with somebody when they are not responding at all probably defeats the point of a conversation right?!  But I at least need to let the person finish!  Or wait until they ask my opinion.  I need to be more aware of when I talk, what I say, who I say it to and so much more…

I know it’s going to be extremely hard…but I’m going to try.  Marcia over at Organising Queen gave me this Bible verse which is what I’m going to focus on this year – thanks Marcia xxx

Set a guard over my mouth, Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips.

Psalm 141:3

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  1. Well done, I think this is going to be a fun year for you! Glad that scripture resonated with you too.

    You didn’t ask but mine is light 🙂

  2. halberts2014 says:

    I could’ve written this myself 🙂

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