Those of you who know me will know that I often talk about how emotional my children are.  These boys can cry at the drop of a hat – and I’m not talking the normal crying over being reprimanded, or even being overtired at bedtime etc….these kids will drop a tear because they got a compliment from me about something as little as – how handsome they’re looking with their new haircuts – like it’s the most special thing they’ve heard in all of their lives!  I often find myself having to manage their emotions and it used to only be Ethan, but I see now that Riley follows suit, usually prompted by his brother.  Anyway, let me tell you about the prayer palava from last night.

So before bedtime, every night, we say prayers.  Usually it’s me who prays for them, but from time to time, they will ask if they can pray, or I will ask one of them to do it.  Last night, I needed to give them their antihistamines before bedtime, so I asked Riley to pray while I went to the kitchen.

When I came back, I just caught the tail end of his prayer (…Ethan.  We love you Lord Jesus.  Amen) when Ethan asked if he could have a chance to pray because he wanted to pray for Riley too…I gathered Riley had prayed for him in his prayer which is why he wanted to reciprocate.  So Ethan starts praying for his little brother Riley…

Thank you Jesus for Riley.  Thank you that Riley is a Christian.  Thank you that he was born and that I was given the best little brother in the world.  Thank you that he is such a special person and that he always take the time to play with me…

At this stage, Ethan is literally fighting back the tears as is Riley.  There I am highly confused as to how this quick night time prayer got to this!  Next came…

Thank you for (sniff sniff) my mum and dad (sniff sniff sniff sniff).  That they are so special and that they do so much for us…[at this point, Riley is full on chunking into his pillow!!!]

So I quickly decided to wrap it up right there.  I mean, I’m thankful too – I really am.  But guys, L.E.V.E.L.S.  There’s a time and place for everything.  This type of emotion and prayer is just a teeny little bit too much for bedtime in the Howe house because you see, it won’t end there.  There will be the need for tissues 10minutes later because mum, my nose is running from when I was crying and then child 2 a mere 5minutes after that with something like mum, I really do love you guys and I just want one family hug.  And next thing, an hour would have passed and have I told you that my mothering ends at 8pm for the latest on a school night or I very quickly start losing my cool?!?!?!

My precious children, I love you guys to bit and it really warms my heart to see the love you have for each other, but can we please refrain from this type of ish at bedtime and save it for the day time 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. halberts2014 says:

    Aw Jodie, I had tears in my eyes. Your boys are lovely. But yes, I suppose bed time isn’t the time to turn the waterworks on. Bless em, too cute

  2. debraaukett says:

    Aww that’s too sweet, bless your boys ! But I hear you on parenting duties ending at 8… I’m the same. Although we are struggling with Shae at the moment, also a sensitive soul, and she just doesn’t want to go to sleep alone. No reward chart, promises of picking a little wrapped reward present out of a box… Nothing works.

  3. Louisa says:

    Haha, that’s so sweet! My little nephew does the cutest prayers too he’s 4. He sometimes says thank you for hidings and for his mom driving through potholes etc. We battle to keep straight faces.

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