I’m Jodie Howe – 33years old, married to my varsity sweetheart (a.k.a. “the hubster”).  We have two adorable boys…Ethan is four years old and Riley, one!    We live and work in Johannesburg.


I started blogging so that I had a place to vent, write about my feelings and thoughts and bounce things off other people instead of constantly pestering the hubster.  Almost 4years later, I’m thoroughly enjoying it and can’t do anything without thinking – ooh, how will I add this to my blog.

I’m blessed to come from a tight-knit, loving family – my mother, father and my two beautiful sisters who both live in Johannesburg too.  My folks live in good old Durbs where we grew up, but fortunately, are in Jo’burg pretty often – at least once a month.  I’m fortunate to have the constant support from them all and of course, from my husband.

I’m a bit technologically useless challenged so often my blog has funny things on it – pictures that aren’t centered, emoticons that don’t show up in the right places…but if you can look past that, I’m sure that you’ll enjoy my writing.

Thanks for visiting Howe Do You Do 🙂


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