Ethan’s really talking so well these days.  He can say full sentences, have a conversation and even ask questions, but every now and again, he says the funniest things and I don’t want to miss out on any of these.  So this page is dedicated to keeping a small note as a reminder of all these things as I don’t want to forget them (read: ammunition for his 21st one day!!) because really, kids do grow up so fast….

12/02/2014 – while sitting in the lounge only partially watching a soccer game on the tv, he shouts: “pass the ball man!!!!”…priceless.

17/02/2014 – while playing a game on dad’s phone, the landline rings. Usually the first to sprint to the phone and answer, mister (clearly absorbed in his own world), looks at me, points to the phone and says “the phone’s ringing mum”…okkkkk then, please don’t interrupt your game for me!!

18/02/2014 – Ethan to our new nanny: “I’m going to school”. Beatrice: “oh, when?”. Ethan: “in two weeks”…

17/03/2014 – Ethan’s new thing is trying to stall bedtime.  He’ll do anything not to go to sleep and most nights, putting him in his bed is generally followed by something like “mum, what are you eating?; mum, put on the fan; mum, what’s that noise“…now, usually, I can only take so many “mums” before I lose my cool tell him firmly that he needs to stop talking, close his eyes and sleep…but last night was just the sweetest!  I tucked him into bed after saying prayers and giving him lots of hugs and kisses plus a short talk on how he must remember it’s bedtime, there’s no talking, no waking up, no jumping out of bed and no calling mum for anything at all.  As I walked toward the door, he called out “muuummmmm“.  With a teeny weeny bit of irritation, I replied “yes Ethan“.  He looked at me and said “I love you so much“.  My heart just melted 🙂  Such a precious moment ❤

13/05/2014 – Ethan:  Daddy, you need to hit mum.  Hubster:  Why Ethan?  Ethan:  Because she’s being silly 🙂

20/05/2014 – 6:30am, Saturday morning, Ethan to me while laying in the spare room bed: “do you know what mum, I’m exhausted. I’m going to go to the doctor for an injection”.

27/06/2014 – 6:30am, Ethan’s awake in our bed watching me dress for work.  I’m just about to put on my clothes when he calls out “Mum, come and lay with me for a littttlllleee while”.  With that cute little voice and the squinching of his face and eyes, how could I say no 🙂  Made my day!!

04/07/2014 – Bathtime at the Howe residence.  I grab Ethan out of the bath, he gives me a big hug and a kiss and says “mum, I’m so proud of you” ❤

07/07/2014 – Me:  Ethan, you’re having a baby brother, do you want a baby brother.  Ethan:  No mum.  Me:  Okay, well, you’re having one.  It’s going to be fun.  What should we name him?  Ethan:  BABY BUCK (the hubster calls him Ethbuck as a nickname) – too precious for words xxx

21/07/2014 – Our usual morning call (I call Ethan from work most mornings to say good morning as a lot of the time, I don’t see him before I leave)…Ethan:  Mum, I  have a message for you.  Me:  Oh really, what does it say.  Ethan:  Wait mum, let me read it *fiddles with whatever paper the supposed message is on*…it says that you must come to Ethan’s home ❤

27/08/2014 – On coming home from work, I see Ethan and B, our nanny, playing in the garden of the complex.  I hoot, roll down the window and ask Ethan if he’d like to jump in the car.  He has no response.  I see him talking to B but can’t hear him over the noise of the car.  Apparently, B asked him if he’d like to drive with mummy and his response was “no, I can’t drive with mummy, mummy has a baby in her tummy and I’ll hurt it”…aaahhhh.


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