Riley is speaking so incredibly well and has been from around the age of 2 already.  As with his brother, he was a fast learner and spoke very early especially for a boy (I believe boys start talking a lot later than girls do), but I just realized the other day that I haven’t documented any of the cute little things he says so I’m going to start now!

22/05/2017 – Riley to Ethan – Ethan do you know the stinky teacher (teacher Maria for some odd reason – I can only think she perhaps has an “old person” smell ‘cos she definitely doesn’t have any bad body odour and I’ve known her for more than three years now).  And do you know the round teacher…this is teacher Vee, a plump sweet little teacher at school.  Funny how these kids just speak their minds without any reserve!

10/06/2017 – While I was inside preparing lunch around midday today, the boys were outside playing together.  None of the complex kids were around so it was just the two of them, but I could hear from inside that they were irritating each other.  So I eventually walk outside when I hear Riley crying.  I see Ethan standing hovering over him and Riley sitting on the floor absolutely beside himself.  When I ask what happened, Ethan (being big brother of course) replies that Riley punched him, so he punched him back and Riley fell on the floor.  Riley gets up and immediately says “do you want to know why I punched him?”…ummm, NO I don’t.  Just don’t punch clever pants!!!

15/06/2017 – Riley has been at crèche since mid-May and he’s only not cried on going in for two days thus far.  We try and pep talk him every night in preparation for the next day in the hope that this crying on arrival at school will stop.  His response when we say – Riley, there’s no reason for you to cry in the morning, you love school and you know we’re coming to pick you up after movies – is…but I must!

18/07/2017 – Riley while on holiday in Durban with his grandparents:  “I’m at Durban and I don’t know how to get out of here!”.

29/08/2017 – Riley, after being told that his aunty Andy is coming over for dinner with her boyfriend Justin, is super excited because…”Justin BIEBER is coming to my house”.  In fact, he told a lady in Pick ‘n Pay who asked him to come home with her that he can’t, because Justin Bieber is coming to visit 🙂  Hehe.